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    Exclamation Saving my Pages file
    How does Pages save the file? Does it do it automatically? How do I get it to save?

    I was working yesterday and the [Pages] app crashed on me. I lost an hours worth of work. Which really sucks because I can never get it back. I'm a script supervisor on a reality show and I'm taking notes as the talent speaks. I had to summarized what I remembered they'd said. In fact, it did it twice. Both times, when the file opened, it put into every cell, the same line of text. IN EVERY CELL!

    I resolved this by decreasing the number of header lines on each page to 0. When I did this, the file reverts back to the last Save point. I just don't know when it saves!

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    You dont mention what OS you are running and on what type of Mac.

    Anyways im not in the mood to do a lot of writing tonight, but Auto Save/Versions is what your looking for and here is a great article from Apple to help you out HTH

    OS X Lion: About Auto Save and Versions

    And another . . . .

    How to use Auto Save in Mountain Lion ~ MacLife
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    My bad
    I am using iOS 6.0.1 on the iPad

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    Documents are saved automatically and continuously on the iPad. It should not be possible for you to have lost ANY work at all, but until you can figure out what's really going on there (I'd strongly suggest a power-down, it sounds as though you have never actually done this), I'm gonna suggest storing the work on iCloud or Dropbox (et al) so you can access it on other devices if your own device fails for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    (I'd strongly suggest a power-down, it sounds as though you have never actually done this)
    Too be honest, I haven't really been doing that. I got it just before Christmas and have only restarted it around 2-3 times. I'll be doing more now!

    I am storing them on iCloud and Dropbox as well as on an ext. backup drive I keep everything on.

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