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    So-got my first iphone 4s.....have wireless at home...laptop works and iphone have connected a few times and then network name shows up sometimes with a check and all dns info is in and other times it just spins....have done all the resets. to phone and router ..even bought a new router and same issures....went to my sons house with uverse and problem......boy am i frustrated....have spent hours on the internet trying everything i could.....hope someone can help this newbie

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums..

    What router are you using? What kind of security are you using?

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    have a belkin n150 router....wpa security...bought a linksys e2500 router and could not get internet on pc with it so taking it back....the funny thing is....could not use wifi all day yesterday and this morning it kicked on for 10 minutes or so then nothing...shows strong wifi signal...all my info showed up for ips and dns on phone....using laptop with wireless right totally stumped....also...did try changing all the security settings on router and still no luck----even put mac address of phone into router.....thanx for responding

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