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    Book Publishing App?
    Hi, all-

    I just got my first iPhone: An iPhone 5 16GB, and I'm wondering if you could help me with an app question:

    I am an amateur photographer, and as a challenge, I'd like to shoot one photo a day with the iPhone in 2013. At the end of the year, I'd like to collect all the photos, with commentary, and upload the finished 'book' to a publisher.

    If possible, I'd like to do everything- photo taking, editing, writing, book layout and uploading to publisher, all with the iPhone. I'm trying to use that one tool for the whole process as a challenge in using a limited set of tools to create the book.

    Is there an app out there that will allow one to do book layouts with text/photos, and is integrated with a book publishing service?

    Any guidance or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if I'm looking for the impossible here, but the iPHone is such a powerful tool, I wouldn't be surprised if this type of thing has been done many times before.

    Thank you!

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    Try "Pages" for iOS. It's available in the iTunes App store for the iPhone and iPad. It's $9.99. Download LINK

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    Also, iPhoto and Aperture both have templates and convenient publishing access for creating photo books. I've done a couple the last few years and they turned out very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Try "Pages" for iOS. It's available in the iTunes App store for the iPhone and iPad. It's $9.99. Download LINK
    Actually, iBooks Author would be a better tool for this, and it's free.

    However, books created in iBooks Author can only be sold (or given away if they have a price of "free") on the iBookstore, so if you want to end up with a product that you can sell elsewhere as well, I'd second chscag's suggestion.

    Be aware that any "big" publishers (ie not self-publishing) will NOT want you to do this and will have NO USE for your product. They will want the photos and copy and that's all.

    If you want to have an actual book (physical) at the end of this project as well as an e-book, look into for some options

    Self-publishing an ebook is also reasonably simple using Pages. Check out Smashwords for a service that will help your e-book get into various e-bookstores.

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    Thank you all, especially chas_m for your great suggestions. My intention is to find a 'Blurb' type app, where I can design an iPhoneography book and have it available for anyone to order. I don't expect to sell many copies, just family and friends. I will check out all the great apps you recommended, and I will also just think about using a desktop computer to upload everything to Blurb. I may have to be a little flexible with using another device into my workflow. ;~)

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    iBooks Author is also my recommendation. I am actually working on a photo log book of my latest trip through Scotland. It is working a peach and with a little patience, you can get stunning results. And it's Free, and written by Apple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoJack725 View Post
    If possible, I'd like to do everything- photo taking, editing, writing, book layout and uploading to publisher, all with the iPhone.!
    I think it's safe to say that this is going to be impossible. You'll really need a desktop for this one.

    Also note that iBooks Author is going to limit you. If you give it away for free, no problem. If you want to sell it for any cost, you have to distribute it through Apple (source) if you use their format. So, you're going to be stuck with vendor lock-in if you want to sell it at all using the .ibooks format. Be careful about this if you choose to go this route.
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    Blurb is another good option, I should have mentioned it. Cheers.

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    I agree with chscag, "Pages" is the best book publishing app for iOS.

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