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Thread: Ios5 vs iOS 6 screens resolution n colour

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    Unhappy Ios5 vs iOS 6 screens resolution n colour
    Hi! I had an iPhone 4s which I had upgraded to ios 6. I live in India and here the maps app does not works at all with the new apple map. I gave that phone to my husband and I bought a new iPhone 4s with iOS 5 on it. Happy to get my google maps working again! I do have a small issue that I haven't been able to solve. The screen on the ios5 iPhone seems somewhat dull and less saturated. Some apps even seem less sharp as compared to the ios6. Am I imagining this or is it that the upgrade to ios 6 actually made my screen brighter????

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    Not at all. There's no difference in brightness capability between software releases.

    First thing to do is to check your brightness settings.

    BTW did you know you can get Google Maps as a web app on iOS6 ?

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    Actually, get the iPhone 5 back from your husband if he'll give it back -- Google Maps has returned for iOS 6, with all the features Apple asked Google to put in for THREE YEARS before finally giving up and being forced to do its own Maps app.

    Breaking: iOS 6 version of Google Maps released [U] | iPodNN

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    Google can keep their maps app if it requires signing in to google and allowing them to track every where I go, where my home is, where I work and every other bit of data pertaining to my driving habits.

    No access to the contacts already on your phone in the app.
    Can't save an address you've been to previously, unless you store that address on google's servers.
    You really can't do anything with this app unless you sign in to google and let them store all your info on their servers instead of on your local machine.

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