i just synched some mp3 audio files into several playlist groups on my ipad 2, there are 4 groups of playlists i want to keep, 2 playlists (total of 6 playlists on ipad) i want to get rid of (i deleted all the mp3 files out of these 2 playlists), i even tried renaming all 4 of my playlist names, clicked "apply" and "synch" the 4 folders/playlist names changed, but these 2 that have (i created these 2 mistakenly on the ipad) the old file/folder name wouldn't disappear as the ipad refreshed after applying/synching following the name changes.

how do i get rid/delete of these 2 folders?

my new playlist (want to keep) names were changed to: changing thoughts - 01 - 04,

and the old playlist (want to delete/remove from ipad) names remained: changing thinking - 02 -03.

the playlists i want to keep i synched my audio files into.

Thanks in advance.

before i started working with my audio files i updated my ipad software/firmware - automatic d/l upon starting the synch from itunes but found i didn't need to drag the files to my dashboard itunes icon at all.