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    Looking for app for touch
    Hi. I am looking for an app that I can use to track medical appointments future as well as historical. For example, when did I last see my dentist, etc. Ideally I could set reminders for the next colonoscopy or when the doctor says come back in 4 months etc. Preferably a free app but I am not excluding paying. Problem with my regular calendar app is that the history doesn't stay on the touch forever. Thanks!

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    It can if you want it to, it's an easy adjustment in settings.

    However, I'd suggest you simply set it to a year or so, and change the Calendar program on your Mac to preserve the records "forever." The Touch has a limited amount of storage so its best to let appointments "fall off" that one but not the computer version.

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    Thanks, chas_m. I would really prefer an app that kept that history separate from my general calendar so it would be accessible right on the touch. Guess I am lazy but it is easier to have that right at my fingertips all the time!

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    As you probably know, Calendar (aka iCal) can set up multiple calendars that are distinct from one other (home, school, work, ... medical, etc).

    But if you want to use a separate app, that's fine too. TM made what looks to be a good suggestion.

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    Sorry TM, I didn't realize you were referring me to an app. I checked it out and it looks perfect for me! Thanks to both chas_m and TM.

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