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    Question Something like Swype or T-9 Trace in the Future?
    I have an iPhone 3gs and like it very much. I use a MacBook Pro at the university. Like many others who have considered upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy 3, I was wondering if the iPhone would ever get a Apple-quality version of something like Swype? It has very fast input.

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    No one knows what future technology Apple is going to put into iOS at this point until the developer seeds start showing up. As of now this is not something the rumor mill has been by buzzing about, so not sure if it will ever happen..

    Apple will most likely want to limit the number of me-too features in iOS too..

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    It's a very fast input if your vocabulary is very shallow and limited ...

    I'm not necessarily knocking it, but the reason its so fast is that most people use it to say things like "on my way!" or "be there in 10."

    For that, the iPhone has IMO a better implementation ... you can store TONS of text shortcuts (which can actually be quite long and elaborate if you like) and assign a short trigger. For example, I use omw for "On my way!"

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