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    Question iPhone 4 Home Button App
    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of an app that will give me an on screen home button? The home button on my iPhone 4 can be unresponsive or sluggish at time (a common issue I believe). I would love to have an on screen button, not sure why apple sticks with it to be honest.

    I know there is the assistive touch which puts a floating button on the screen, but you press that and then have to select home button (not difficult i know but...). What I'd like is an app that I can sit in the dock at the bottom of the screen and that acts as a home button.

    Anyone know of anything that performs this function? If not, anyone want to develop it or tell me how to do it!! I'm sure I can't be on. My own in thinking this.



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    You will most likely not find any application that will do what you want. You will have to jailbreak your iPhone and can use an application like Activator to use an onscreen button as your home button.

    But thinking through how this on-screen home button would work is going to limit it's functionality. If you wanted to use the on-screen button exclusively, then you'd have to use the power button to wake up the phone and slide to unlock. Your use of the on-screen home button would be restricted to when you weren't in an application. If you were in an application, you'd have to use the physical home button to get out of the application..

    I have an iPhone 3G that has no problems with the home button, the mute switch is broken but that's a different story. I've had my iPhone since shortly after it was released and I've never had any issues with the home button not doing it's function quickly..

    The delay in getting out of an application might more have to do with the application taking it's time closing down more than the home button not listening to your request..
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    Your thinking is sound, I guess I'd not really thought that through!

    I'll just stick with the physical one!

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