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    iTunes - shuffle to single album?
    Hi, wonder if someone can help. I've searched in vain for answers to this seemingly easy issue.

    On my iPhone I'm listening to all my songs in shuffle mode. When a song comes on that suits my current mood I want to jump out of shuffle mode and continue to play the rest of that album.

    I know I can hit the "Now Playing" button to view the current song and album, but I'm still in "all songs" mode, and the next song will still be from my entire playlist.

    I also know I can hit the top right button to view the list of songs on the album of the currently playing song, and if I then select one of these songs I will now be in this single album mode. But to do this I have to interrupt the currently playing song.

    How can I change mode so that it will play the current song but when this finishes it will continue with the rest of this album?

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    What you are looking for is a queue type function. There are a few apps that add this (Some I have heard of have disappeared)
    Try this one - it is free
    If you go to that same top right menu - you can add music to the queue - unfortunately I don't think there is an add all album - but it is pretty quick to add songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvanLasston View Post
    What you are looking for is a queue type function.
    Looks very interesting - thanks.

    However my aim is not about adding songs to any queue, I just want to switch from "all songs shuffle mode" to simply play one album. Surely this can be done within the native Music app already?

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    The app you linked to does exactly what I was looking for - and it looks and functions exactly like the native app but with the extra options - absolutely brilliant!

    Thanks so much - I would never have found this on my own :-)

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