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    iPhone backup ARRRRRRGGGGHH!
    Hi all!

    I really need some help, I'm pulling my hair out here. OK, here is the story....

    I sold my iPhone last month. I backed it up & copied the iTunes folder on my Win 7 laptop to an external HDD. My laptop was playing up, so I formatted it, safe in the knowledge I had my iPhone backup stored on my external HDD.

    Today, I get a new iPhone 5. So, I would like to restore my iPhone 5 from the backup that is stored on my external HDD. I would like to get contacts, messages etc onto my new iPhone 5. I copied my iTunes folder from my external HDD to my laptop HDD & put it where iTunes expected to find it. I open iTunes & now it can see all my music & applications etc, so I think "great"!

    However, If I right click on my iphone in windows & select "restore from backup", I cannot see a restore point anywhere.

    Is it possible to restore my iphone from the backup I have made to my external HDD & have copied to my laptop?

    Please help!
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    There is no restore point but it should indicate the latest backup in which case use that.

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