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    Hello all!

    Basically due to my third year uni project I have to put down my iPhone 5 and pick up an Nexus S. I need to populate the android with data, so as a starting point am trying to port my contacts over.
    I've read its possible to export then as a CSV file, but I dont think that helps me
    Any advice would be muchos appreciated!


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    Sync all of your contacts in your iPhone with a Gmail account and then sync that to the Android phone..
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    Aha! Good plan! Thanks.
    However, that word 'Sync' scares me. Am I going to load all my contacts on my iPhone?
    Cheers bud!

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    You can tell iTunes to sync your contacts with Google when you plug your iPhone in and then you can simply enable sync on your Android device (Settings > Accounts & sync > enable it > add the Google account). This is the easiest route if you're comfortable using cloud services.

    If you don't want to use cloud services, open up Contacts (Address Book pre-10.8), export them to vCard, put them on your phone and import them from the Contacts app.
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    Thank you kind sir!


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    I own a RAZR Maxx running Android ICS. I can tell you that having a Gmail account with an android phone is as necessary as having an iTunes account with an iPhone.

    All of my contacts are on my Gmail account, as well as my calendar. Everything syncs well between my MBA and my Android phone.

    FWIW, all of my music is formatted to iTunes Plus, and plays on the phone just fine. Album art is hit or miss, though.

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