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    Is there a way to move a file out of the document folder without deleting it from the hard drive. I just want to put a file that's in "Documents" into the "All Files" folder and not have it show up in Documents.

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    The "All Files" is a type of smart folder. It literally is all the files on your computer. If it is on your computer it shows up in all files. There is no way to make it exclusive - nor is it in two places - it exists in documents and "all files" finds them on your computer.

    Think of it like this. You have all your documents in the documents folder. You can make a smart folder that finds all your PDFs. Are you PDFs will show up in that smart folder. The PDFs actually exist in your documents folder.

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    A "smart folder" is nothing more than a search using pre-defined terms. That is it.

    Nothing actually exists in a smart folder. You are just seeing the results of the search. All the documents you see are actually residing in OTHER folders on your drive.

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