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    Stopping Video Auto Downloads from Itunes to Mac
    Last year I purchased "Mad Men," for viewing on my Apple TV. I wanted to have these stored on the Cloud, not my Mac.

    Eventually, my Mac was totally filled up with the video series. After many many unsuccessful communications with iTunes. I just got link suggestions, many of which I had explored.

    I finally connected with a human being at Apple who was able, with some doing, to communicate with someone at iTunes who took care of my problem somehow from afar.

    Now it is happening again. I had forgotten about my earlier problem and purchased another video series, "The Office." I go the many opportunities to delete or stop the downloads but they keep on starting up again. I am afraid to purchase anything more from iTunes not only because of this, but because of other issues, especialy song duplications.

    I would be grateful for any help with this. I am not that knowledgeable about computers but sort of know my way around the basics of Macs.

    Thanks and best wishes,


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    I am wondering if I might be in the wrong forum. I will try also to see if threre might be a forum for iTunes and ask there as well. I will share info here if anything comes up.

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    Open iTunes - Preferences - Store tab - uncheck everything there.

    No, please do not post the same question in another forum.

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    Many thanks. I will give that a try this evening.

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