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Thread: Unwanted music syncing to iPad

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    Jun 28, 2012
    Unwanted music syncing to iPad
    I've just started trying to sync an iPad using iTunes and have come across some strange behaviour.

    The only think I want to sync is the address book and calendar so going to the "Info" tab in the device in iTunes and check "Sync Contacts". At that point the capacity indicator at the bottom of the window shows it will almost fill the remaining 54GB of space with audio. I have no music files on the iPad and music syncing is not turned on and neither is automatic syncing.

    I've not applied the change so don't know if it really would copy the music.

    In fact there is no iTunes music library available for the Mac user logged on but looking at "Music" within the device it looks as if it has about 53GB of tracks. Those tracks are not there but displayed "remnants" of access to a shared iTunes library which was not accessible at the time the sync settings were changed.

    Is this normal? Will it actually try to copy the audio files to the iPad?

    I don't see anyway to clear the list of tracks which were available nor do I really want to complicate things every time I attempt to sync after using the shared iTunes library.

    iOS 6.0.1 (iPad 2), iTunes 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6.8

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    No iOS device will sync to the music library if you have UNchecked the Music library syncing:


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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    No iOS device will sync to the music library if you have UNchecked the Music library syncing:
    It is not checked, but as I mentioned, turning on syncing for other things causes iTunes to report needing 53GB for audio storage. Do you know what might cause that?

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