Hi everyone,
I'm using skype for most of my home telephone calls now because I get horrible reception. I'm going to buy a used iphone on ebay (iphone 4,4s, or 5) but it depends on which one I can use skype with.

I've read that you can't receive calls on iphone because it won't work in background. I need skype to stay online so I can receive calls otherwise it will always just go to voicemail. I do not feel like dealing with jailbreaking my iphone to get cydia and backgrounder to do this and my only choice would be the iphone 4 then with ios5.

Does anyone know, or has anyone tried to use skype on their iphone 4,4s, or 5 and received calls? If someone could try it for me I would greatly appreciate it.

I've also read somewhere that the newer ios versions allow background multitasking of skype since ios4 but there is so much misinformation it's hard to know for sure. Skype has horrid customer service, so asking them won't do any good as it could take a month to hear back.

Thanks a lot for the help, I love this website!!