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Thread: Need good Organizer App

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    Question Need good Organizer App
    Does anyone have a recommendation on a good Organizer App? I'm an Outlook User and of course I know about Task Lists etc but for some reason, its not working for me. I want a dedicated app so these things pop. Here's my ideal requirements:

    * Strong To-Do/Task List with prioritization
    * Good project organizer (not Project Management) but overall project organization.
    * Help's me with follow-up and follow-through, like reminders.
    * Runs on Mac OS and iPad and in a dream world Droid.

    Today I have a MacBook Air, Ipad and Droid for phone. Thank you everyone.

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    As you've posted this in the iOS forum, I'm going to assume you mean for your iPad.

    If you're running Mountain Lion on your MBA, what's wrong with Reminders/Notes/Calendar for your day-to-day stuff? Invisible automatic cloud sync, identical performance on Mac and iOS (sorry Droid), you can set both time-based and LOCATION-based reminders ...

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    Appigo's ToDo is awesome. It allows for subtasks on the phone. It syncs with remember the milk and Toodleo.

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