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Thread: iOS 6 + MAIL

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    Dec 20, 2011
    iOS 6 + MAIL
    Been using Apple products for 20 years and iOS since it first came out, on the iPhone 5 now.

    I don't understand one thing:

    I have 4 email accounts (all IMAP) on my i5 with over 20,000 messages "total" on "the server" how is that the phone can NEVER find anything when doing a search "on the server"

    I see them on "the server" (via my Mail app on OS X or the web client) but the phone never finds anything?

    Anyone else thing Search in Mail on iOS is absolutely terrible... Was so easy to find message on a Blackberry and this phone is so inept when it comes to email... Not flaming, not angry, just discussing.

    What's the deal with searching for messages on this thing...

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    The few times I've needed to search for something in my Gmail account on my iPhone, it's managed to find things no problem. I do, however, ensure to search with the 'All' tab highlighted as opposed to From, To, Subject..

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    It sounds like, as Raz0r has noted, you aren't searching all areas. Make sure to select that when you search:


    Also make sure you're looking at all of your inboxes and not just one.
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