Hi – sorry if this question’s been answered before, I am looking for quite an urgent message and haven’t had time to properly look. I recently bought a new iPhone to replace the one I lost – it is operating on iOS6. Since I have started using the new device, any iMessages I have sent have been sending from my email address, and I prefer to send and receive them from my phone number. I read on a forum that to fix this, you can turn iMessage on and off on your phone, and for some reason or another, it took the email address away from my phone and started sending it from my number. Fixed? Not quite. The problem I have now is that people who I have been messaging before now have been sending and receiving messages from my email address and so are likely to just reply to the existing thread they have in their phone from my email. I changed my settings yesterday evening, but didn’t realise until now that my email address had been removed as a ‘receive message at’ option on my phone, and so I have only just re-added this as a send and receive address on my phone. What has happened to any messages that people may have replied to yesterday to my email? I do have an iPad that receives iMessages sent to my email address, but I am unable to check my iPad at the moment because I am away without it. Will turning iMessage on and off on my phone also have removed my email on my iPad? I really need some messages that may have been sent this morning, so can get someone else to access my iPad for me tonight, but the messages cannot be requested again!

Hope you can help!