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Thread: Ipad and Fibre Quilt Art

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    Red face Ipad and Fibre Quilt Art
    I'm new to forums and I'm looking to purchase an Ipad and want to know if anyone uses it for design work. Where a photo can be upload to the Ipad and then made into a line drawing for fibre are design work. Has anyone done this and what Apps do you use to accomplish it?

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    I'm not a designer of anything but I do own an iPad 3. Even though the iPad has a 9" retina display I would not want to do design work with it. I'm not sure of the availability of software for iOS (Apple mobile operating system) with regard to design work. If you're into any kind of serious design work, I recommend at the minimum a MacBook Pro. The 13" MBP is more expensive than an iPad but is better equipped to do design work.

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