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Thread: tv shows show in itunes library but not in itunes my device

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    tv shows show in itunes library but not in itunes my device
    I've got a number of TV Show ( mp4 ) video files that originally were imported into movies and show up in iTunes in my "library" and in iTunes "my device". because they are tv shows I went into "get info" and reclassified them as tv shows. they now show up in the "tv section" of "my library in iTunes" but they don't show up under "my device in iTunes".

    Did i miss something?



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    Yes, two things:

    1. On an iOS device, you would find TV shows (and movies) using the "Videos" app, not iTunes. You don't mention what device you have, but all three iOS devices (Touch, iPhone, iPad) behave the same in this regard I believe.

    2. Have you checked the sync box of "your device" in iTunes on your computer to sync TV shows?

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