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Jfact0ry 10-05-2012 05:03 PM

How to share documents made in Pages easily?
Hi. I've been using Pages on my iPad to keep a digital journal. It would be a blog but the problem was there is no WiFi or cell phone service on much of the inside passage of Alaska. Now that I'm back in WiFi territory I was excited to export all my documents to the web via some blogging site. But Pages has no export to web or HTML function. And the PDFs are coming out 60+ MB!

Is there a way to export smaller PDFs from Pages?

Or is there some sort of PDF compression app?

Tbh, I was pretty let down that Pages didn't have an easier sharing option.

chas_m 10-06-2012 02:58 AM

PDFs won't do any known blogging site any good.

If you added your HTML to your text by hand, then just copy and paste the text from your Pages document into the web editor of your preferred blogging service.

If you didn't do your HTML at the time, I'd suggest copy and pasting into a blog editor such as MarsEdit and adding it there. MarsEdit and programs like that have the ability to upload your post to most of the common blogging engines.

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