I was at the Verizon Store today for 3 hours trying to learn the basic of the iPhone 5. There is a lot for me to learn, but one day at a time. for some reason I was able to use my iTune sign-in info for an App that required it and I can sign into apple.com/support to get to the forums, but when I try to sign into icloud it keeps telling me that "Verify Your Account" This apple IDs email address cannot be verified. Change your Apple ID's email address at appleid.apple.com to sign in to iCloud."

If I change this iCloud email address will this mess up me being able to sign into iTunes and the other places i use my Apple ID?

Is the Apple ID the same as the iCloud sign-in information? It says under iCloud. Apple ID and Password. I have tried it literally 30 times and it still will not sign me in.

should I change my Apple ID or does anybody know what the hang-up could be? Occasionally I have had an issue signing in to apple.com/support where it has said you cannot use an email address, but I click sign in again and it signs me in. I have had the same apple ID and password for years with no issues really until I got this iPhone and tried to sign into iCloud.