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    App Data Lost in Restore
    I'm pretty sure this is hopeless, but it involves a lot of lost time and some lost money so I wanted to give it a try.

    When I downloaded iOS6 for my iPhone 3GS I had the "continual reboot" problem that some other users had. Which was a pain. But, when I got home, I booted the iPhone up in recovery mode, plugged it into my iTunes and *viola* the iPhone functioned properly.

    The only problem is that I hadn't synced my iPhone with iTunes lately and so it wasn't up to date. It wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't spent 20+ hours and a significant amount of money on a particular game I recently downloaded on my phone (FFD) that then totally disappeared.

    So, *Mac-Forums,* is there anyway for me to get that data back? I'm not going to start the game over and I already sunk $20 into it... (RPG fan that I am).

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    So, MacRumors, is there anyway for me to get that data back? I'm not going to start the game over and I already sunk $20 into it... (RPG fan that I am).
    Since this isn't the MacRumors forum, I guess we can't answer your question.

    I don't know about your game data that was lost, but you can re-download the game.

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    did you have it synced on iCloud ?? if not then from now on start syncing whats important to you on iCloud.

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    If you haven't backup up the phone to iCloud or iTunes there's little chance of recovery I'm afraid

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    Wait! I thought the data wasn't backed up in iCloud but maybe it was! When I click on the Manage Storage button on my iPhone I see an icon for FFD with 254 kb of data!

    Quick, how do I access it?

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    So if I go to Settings --> iCloud --> Storage & Backup --> Manage Storage --> This iPhone there is a 254kb backup for Final Fantasy Dimensions (even without the app being installed on my iPhone). However, when I Reset (Erase All Content and Settings) and rebooted using the data from iCloud, the app didn't show up.

    So my question is: if I redownload FFD, can I somehow connect it to the backed up file on iCloud?

    Any help is appreciated!

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