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Thread: Iphone ip address help

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    Exclamation Iphone ip address help
    Hi there.

    I have been using wireless that I was not meant to use

    I did it by mistake but now they are tracking the IP address and want to see my IP of my iPhone.

    I have tried to change it but unsure if my IP address will change when connected to that network again.

    How do you change your IP address and static and also if you get a new sim does this change it?

    If i have reset my network settings will that change it?

    Any ideas?

    Any options will be appreciated as really need to change it today!!!!

    Thank you so so much for your help!!!

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    Choose to forget the network and your phone will forget about the network and will prompt you to connect the next time you are in range, choose not to connect and you should be fine..

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