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    Did I get a virus or was I hacked?
    In the last 45 minutes I have gotten four texts from four unknown numbers. They read:

    Got u locked in homie

    About damn time you got the 5?

    Got it. I will be emailing you some stuff on your business plan in a couple of weeks.

    Marcus u get iphone5 this is George

    I also got a call from a number that is one digit off of mine at the end.

    What is going on? Have I been hacked? Is my info in danger?

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    Sounds a lot like your # is similar to someone else's and his friends are sending him messages about his new phone. I get calls and texts every once in a while like that and people say the weirdest things.
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    Looks like it's a wrong number especially since the sender in the last text identified himself (suggesting that the sender knows that the receiver doesn't have their contact info). On top of that, "George" asked "Marcus" if he got the iPhone 5 which would suggest that "Marcus" got a new phone.

    EDIT: MYmacROX has quicker fingers than I!
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