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    Watching streaming websites on i phone .. whats the best software ?
    Hi there
    So I want to watch streaming video .. say a sports site such as firstrowsports on my iphone but it uses Flash video , which the I phone doesnt recognise.
    So I have heard that there is some software that can work .. anyone used any ? whats the best .. I have seen a few on the App Store such as SKYFIRE .. but before i part with my money ... anyone used it ? anyone recommend it ? anyone recommend any other software ?
    ps as a Newbie did a search topic to see if this had already been discussed but couldnt find it ... so if it has and is an old topic ... can you tell me ??

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    How to Play Flash Videos on iPhone without Jailbreak?
    Try this on for size

    If that doesn't work, Skyfire would be your best bet, unless you have no problem jailbreaking your iPhone.


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