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    Imessaging Problems
    My family has two iTouchs and 2 iPhones. I have all 4 set up on the same apple ID so when purchases are made from the app store or iTunes then is comes from one account. The problem I am having is texting. When the iPhones text either of the iPods it comes from the email address linked to the apple ID. Therefore the iTouch users can't tell which phone it came from (ie mom or dad). Sometimes however it will show up on the iTouchs from the iPhone phone numbers. Sometimes when sending a message from iPhone to iPhone it will show up as sent from the email address associated with the apple ID. My questions is is there a way around this or do I need to set up a different apple ID for each unit?

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    My iPhone and my wife's iPhone are able to have different iMessages on the same ITunes account. But my iPad seems to be tethered to her phone number and her texts show up on my iPad. I'm sure there's a way to separate the devices I'm just not sure how to do it.

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    You can (and should in your case) use different email addresses for IDs for each device's iMessage. The phones can of course use their individual phone numbers, the iPod Touches can use separate email addresses or different iCloud IDs.

    Doing this does not in any way prevent you from using the same iTunes account for app purchases.

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