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Thread: Apple id and updating

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    Apple id and updating
    I just purchased an IPAD and had to update my Apple ID to my email address. When I tried to update apps on my iphone I couldn't do so and followed the instructions to go to settings and change my apple id on my phone. This was done but I still get my old ID when I try to update. The only recommendation I have seen is to download all of the apps again and this doesn't make sense and would be VERY time consuming.


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    Did you change your Apple ID by signing into your old one and then selecting the option to change or did you create a new one when setting up your iPad? No offense, but I want to be clear about what you did to change to an email address.

    Assuming you correctly changed your ID in iTunes... Then sign out on your iPad, restart (hold down power button on top for several seconds) and sign back into your new Apple ID (email address). That should do it. You might need to sync again with iTunes. - If so, sign out on iTunes, close the app then re-open it and sign in again before syncing with your iPad.
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