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    Angry Speaker glitches?
    Has anybody had any problems with their speakers since the iOS 6 update?

    My iPhone will ring with phone calls but it won't work with youtube or text messages etc. I had an accident last night but you would think that if one doesn't work, none of them wouldn't. I am missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    Just double-check the speaker on the handset itself before you go out and about. Mine had some issues making/taking calls and I could only use the speakerphone or a bluetooth headset. Once I flashed it for a second time (using DFU mode) it was fine, but definitely something to test.
    This was something I was told when I upgraded to IOS6, it's in this thread...
    If you click the arrow next to his name, you will navigate to the thread in question.

    Here's a little tut on how to get your phone in DFU mode...

    iPhone DFU mode explained, and how to enter DFU mode on your iPhone


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