Hello all
a week ago Sunday I "bricked" my Iphone on 4.2.1.
after trying to restore it, I finally took it over to the Apple store,
the "genus" there could not un-brick it.
Ok so came home and spend many hours trying to repair it,
and finally I did, everything seems to be back in place and working except
that I have no "contacts" I tried to download from the sim card, not working
I know the sim card has info on it I uploaded the contacts from my razor v3
So anyway, no download from the sim card
so this morning I manually copied all my contacts into the Iphone
and synced it. then when I opened up the address book or phone
no contacts, but for one second I saw the contacts in the address books
then they were gone..
So any idea's what is happening.
PS: I am getting a newer Iphone, but I need to know what is happening with this