Hi Guys,

I'm having some issues downloading some of my songs onto my iPhone that were uploaded to iTunes Match. It's uploaded from my MacBook Pro and plays fine on OSX, but when I try and download it on my iPhone, it'll just download about 90%, and then stop there, unable to complete.

I am able to stream the song, though.

Screenshot can be seen here: image link

I have noticed that this only happens to songs purchased using my US iTunes account. Before the iTunes music store was launched in my country, I created and purchased some songs from the US iTunes store. Unless I'm mistaken, there shouldn't be any DRM on the songs, though when I check the info of the song, the "account name" lists my US iTunes account.

Is there any way I can move this song (which isn't available on my local iTunes music store) to my current local account, or at least make it playable on my iPhone?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!