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Thread: Suspect email

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Suspect email
    I keep getting emails - no name - no subject - no message - 01/01/70. I have several email addresses. It appears in my " all messages" box but when I search each individual email address, it doesn't show in any and when I go back to "all messages" it disappears. It will then come back later.

    I have just had trouble sending an email, I tried to delete it but my iPad wouldn't let me. I turned off the iPad, then when I put it back on the email deleted and the suspect email had gone.

    Is this some kind of bug and how do I deal with it please?

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    Is the weird email on your mac or on your ipad? If it's on your ipad this thread needs moved to the ipad forum. The only thing I can figure is to close out/reboot and open the mail app again.

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    Suspect email
    Many thanks. I'm new to this and have obviously chosen the wrong forum. I have rebooted and the emails have disappeared.

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    moved to appropriate forum
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