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    Ghosts in my remote library
    I find the iTunes remote app on my iPhone/iPad really handy but am frustrated that when I access my podcasts through remote it keeps trying to tell me there are several podcasts still stuck in iTunes that in fact I long ago deleted from my computer.

    If I try to actually select the podcast through remote, the next page tells me that the podcast isn't there. But when I go back to the main podcast library page the ghost podcasts are still listed.

    This problem is the same on both my iPad and my iPhone. Is the root of the problem something on my mac?

    What do I need to delete to sort this out?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are these completed pocasts, or partial ones?


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    They are completed podcasts.

    These are podcasts that were downloaded completely from iTunes, then
    listened to completely, and then completely deleted both from my
    iTunes library, and from the computer itself.

    I've checked in Finder where the podcasts that iTunes accesses are
    kept, and the ones in question are quite definitely gone. However they
    still show up on the Remote app.

    Any ideas?

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