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    wmv video and downloads on iPad?

    My boss gave me his iPad, and asked me to put some video, pdf and jpg files on it, for a presentation. I never used a tablet or smartphone before.

    The files are in our PC network. I assume that I can't directly access it with the tablet. So I uploaded the files on our server, and wanted to download them from there to the iPad.

    The problem is: the download section offers a link, on which you are supposed to right click, to select "save as" and save the file. Now the video file is a wmv video. When I tell the iPad to open it, it just says that it can't. "download failed, safari can't load this file" or something like that. I tried to keep my finger pressed on that link, to get these options. But none of those are a "save" or "download option".

    So I got two problems:
    a) I can't get the file onto the iPad
    b) I can't get the iPad to play the video

    An help please?

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    Getting files onto iPad:
    There are several File Browser apps that can navigate and download from networks (FileBrowser, FileManager etc)

    Another alternative is something like dropbox, box, google drive, microsoft sky drive etc that you can move content to then download to your iPad

    Playing WMVs:
    Flex:Player is free and can play WMVs

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