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Thread: cheap calling apps for iphone 4

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    Aug 30, 2012
    cheap calling apps for iphone 4
    I've come across loads of different solutions, BUT Viber only allows me to call other Viber users and my moms in Cameroon doesn't own a smartphone. Skype is nice but actually pretty expensive.

    I've seen some voip aps but it's pretty hard to find my way here.

    What are some good solutions to save money on my calling charges to Cameroon and Germany? I'm currently in the Netherlands but often reside in Glasgow.

    What are the best apps to save money on calling charges and where do i get the cheapest rates?

    Thanks all!

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    Skype is the cheapest option I know of for calling non-US, non-smartphones. You might also look at MagicJack.

    If your mom had a Mac running Mountain Lion or an iPad, you could use iMessage. Completely free.

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    Aug 30, 2012
    I'm currently trying mobilevoip with voipjumper... works nice...and cheap any experiences? also magicjack = hardware?

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    Magicjack is also an app for the iPhone (and, I presume, Android). It still costs money to call phone numbers, but it's a flat rate per year and the other party doesn't need have anything except some sort of basic phone.

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    it seems mobilevoip offers the cheapest rastes, i just bought credit through cashu, and im quite happy with the rates and quality. id advise them.

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    Have you tried Google Voice or AIM?

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    Try Nymgo ! Quite cheep

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    For the time being, Vonage Mobile (free app) is offering free calls to phones in North America. Don't think you can beat that. Quality's been pretty good so far.

    Skype is pretty nice too, and $30/year for unlimited calling to phones in NA. Vonage is WAY better for voice calls (better integration with Contacts, for starters), but Skype can do video calls. Both work with 3G as well as Wi-Fi.

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