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    my ipod has entered permenent crash jailbroken
    sooo im new to this web site and i have a BIG problem with my ipod 5.1.1 it is jailbroken and was working quite awhile till weeks later i downloaded dream board (cydia app ) and choosen a window vista style ipod home screen but when it was preparing it just re booted and i thought this would be normal but it just keeps crashing (reboot ... on..) so i paniked and tryed to find a solution but couldnt find any............ so what it looks like right now is a circle going round and round then it frezes and then it does the saame thing over and over again ...... plz post a full tutoriol for me on how to get it going again ( give me a link or post here...) additional info:it is stuck on re booting and can display the apple logo and the circle spinning but thats as far as it can go.................HELP PLZ POST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE thanks!!!.

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    I had this same problem before. I ended up just restoring the ipod with itunes then rejailbreaking it. just make a note to not download that again.
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