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    iPhone Contact Photo Size and Mac Syncing
    I searched the forums for a thread on this already and turned up nothing.

    I recently made the switch from a PC to a Macbook and one of the features I was hoping would work seamlessly is the Contacts book. I'm excited that it does.

    However, there has been one issue that I've noticed on the Mac support forums and elsewhere that people seem to keep having: Contact photos show up on the iPhone either as a small thumbnail in the top right corner or they fill the screen.

    There have been numerous theories as to why this happens. One of the most prevalent ones is that contacts (and their pictures) added on your computer show up as thumbnails, while contacts (and pics) added on the phone show up fullscreen.

    This isn't entirely true. People elsewhere have noticed that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when they show up fullscreen. Here's what I believe is happening. Hopefully this is helpful to some users having the same problem.

    The problem is with the aspect ratio of the photos. When you add pics to your contacts on your computer, the contact app does not always (very infrequently actually) upload to the cloud and import them to your phone in the appropriate aspect ratio to fill your iPhone screen.

    What's the fix?

    You can still add photos through the Contacts app on your computer, but you must go into your Contacts on your phone later and edit the photos. When you edit the contact photos on the phone, you can move, pinch, and squeeze the pics until they fill the screen. Pay close attention to any "black space" around the pictures. This is sometimes hard to see. If there is any black space around the photos, they will not show up full screen. Adjust the photos so there is no black space, in other words the picture fills the entire screen, and save. From then on your contact photo will fill the entire screen.

    What should Apple do?

    Hopefully, in some future update, Apple will change their Contacts (or AddressBook) app so that the photo field editor is in the appropriate aspect ratio for the iPhone or at the very least make it an option to choose between aspect ratios (one of them being for the iPhone of course).

    I hope this helps some folks out that may be having the same problem and are confused as to why sometimes the pics are thumbnails and sometimes they're not.

    Again, I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find it after searching the forums.

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    This has been a problem for a long time and I can confirm your solution works. Thank you!

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    You're welcome. I'm glad I was able to help someone.

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