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    iPhone Email Difficulties - IMAP to POP account
    Hi there. I currently have 3 email accounts set up on my iPhone. The primary one has recently somehow changed itself from a IMAP account to a POP account. I can no longer access older emails, like I had been able to with my IMAP account. The other two emails have stayed IMAP accounts. Is there any way for me to change it back. I am thinking that this may have been caused by me beginning to use the Mail app on my MacBook? Not sure, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums

    Any reason you don't delete the account that has become a POP account and add it back in as IMAP? Nothing in the Mail app on your Macbook should affect the accounts on the iPhone..

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    Hi Raz0rEdge, thanks for the welcome.
    I am going to try that in the morning, will let you know how it goes! Thank you.

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    Hi again Raz0rEdge, tried deleting and re-adding the troublesome hotmail account today. Not sure why but I wasn't prompted to change the account from POP to IMAP, so the problem remains. Any tips? Thank you

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