Hello. Was wondering if anyone can help. I have a G4 pre-intel, running 10.4.11. I have iphoto 2.0.1 installed. I recently bought an iphone, and it's filled up and for the first time & I am trying to transfer the photos and videos from it. I plugged it in, and I could see no folder to do a "drag and drop". I used to own a Droid, and beofe I could just open a folder that would automatically appear on the desktop, go to a DCIM folder, and drag and drop. When I plugged in my iphone for the first time, no folder appered on the desk top. iphoto opened up, and it had an icon in the lower left showing all of the photos on my iphone, and let me import those. My question: How or where can I access the videos? Is my software too old to even do such a thing? Any help would be appriciated.