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    Using SIRI - Any Cost?
    Is there any cost in data or time usage using SIRI? I'm thinking of getting a iPhone5 when it comes out but wondering if providers are charging for data or time used with SIRI. TIA.
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    SIRI does use data, albeit a small amount. This will come out of any data plan you have when you're on 3g/4g and it won't when on wifi. Exactly the same as any other data usage.

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    Just to make mrplow's answer even clearer:

    If you use Siri while on 3G, then YES you will be using a certain amount of cell data, since it must have access to the internet to work. How much data it uses is dependent on what you're doing with it, but the amount is likely to be very small in most cases.

    If you use Siri while on Wi-Fi, then NO it will not cost any mb's or minutes or whatever.

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