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    Question Help needed for iPhone 4 hacktivation/carrier unlock please! :)
    Hi! So I've successfully jailbroken my iPhone 4 running 5.1.1 with greenpois0n, but my friend's iPhone 4 is not activated so I can't jailbreak it before I try to unlock it via ultrasnow. They gave her the right size sim at a t-mobile store. I found a YouTube video demonstrating how do it via redsnow 0.9.10 beta 6, but when I go to program compatibility it doesn't list Windows XP service pack 3 or run as an administrator as an option! I double checked that this was indeed my OS and that I am my computer's admin. It only lists early versions of Windows and NT service pack 5. This is truly baffling me! Please help or point me in the direction of bypassing the activation. Also I found out it was an iPhone 4 by looking at the model #, but how do I know if it's GSM 9B206 or 9B208? I can't go into settings cause it's not activated as I said. I ask because the youtube video says I need to download the firmware file. I also am only suspecting it's 5.1.1 cause I think it's pretty new. This is the video I'm referring to: How to: Activate iPhone without SIM CARD! HACKTIVATE! STEP BY STEP! ANY VERSION! - YouTube
    I'm a little nervous there's a recent comment saying it bricked their phone, but there's over 500 comments and from what I've come to believe through research is that bricking is a dated term and that bricking is almost impossible if at all. Any help would be so much appriciated! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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    First, we're not going to help you hack an iPhone and bypass activation. Also, the video you referred to is for the iPhone 3GS not the iPhone 4.

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