This is about syncing iPhone 4s with iTunes. When connecting the iPhone to MacMini (Mt. Lion) & iTunes, this message is returned.

The iPhone "JAMAR iPhone" is synced with another iTunes library [Windows PC]. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this [Macmini] iTunes library?

As all the data (music, contacts, photos, etc.) is on the "synced with another iTunes library" computer [the MacMini] and also synced with iTunes on a Windows 7 Pro PC, how do I 'de-sync' the Windows PC so that I can sync only with the MacMini?

>>NOTE: I have uninstalled iTunes on PC - problem persists

Does the statement 'Do you want to erase this iPhone' mean the "JAMAR iPhone" will be completely 'erased' and repopulated with iTunes data?. This is most definitely not what I want!

I want to only sync with the MacMini which is currently 'in sync' with the "JAMAR iPhone".

Attempt to repopulate iPhone with iTunes Music overflows memory - Duplicate entries?