It all began when I went to a local iphone repair shop & got my iphone 3gs battery fixed. After 2 weeks of waiting, they called me & said the repair was finished. I got home & tried out the new iphone when I noticed the battery was at 5%, so i charged it and after an hour it was still at 5%! At one point, the iPhone turned on like normal but it wouldn't recognize my sim then few minutes later it would say "Restore needed, iPhone 3Gs can't make/receive any phone calls/sms messages." So I tried restoring it but it would get stuck in the white apple logo & would just keep rebooting into the white apple logo.

My problem is:
Im trying to restore my iphone to firmware 4.1 but when I do, I get several iTunes errors (1611, 2001, 1601, 1600, 23). I tried restoring using redsn0w in Pwned DFU mode, tried using iReb and it wouldnt work, I even created my own custom firmware & it still wont restore. After looking up the errors I received up on the web, I read that they all had something to do with hardware. I was wondering, does this maybe have to do with the fact that I got the battery & back replaced? Please help me! Im hoping that this iPhone can still be fixed, it was unlocked & jailbreaked too.

Im sorry if you guys don't get, it's hard for me to explain some parts. Keep in mind, im only a dummy when it comes to these iPhone related things