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    Learning xcode
    Hello everyone.. I'm new to all of this - and really want to start making apps. I've got zero code experience but am eager to learn. I've started on a basic tutorial which: iOS For High School Students: Getting Started | Ray Wenderlich ... ng-started

    It appears that the tutorials are for an earlier version of Xcode as there a couple of things that I noticed don't match up. i.e. 'pool drain' doesn't appear on the version of Xcode (4.3.3) that I'm using, and there was another one after that which I can't recall just now. I'm guessing that there's going to be a lot of that.

    I was wondering whether you think I should just continue - and not have a mind glitch and lose myself in a forum hunt trying to get answers every time this occurs.. (maybe these differences are minor?) - or.. should I try and find a tutorial that works specifically with the most recent version of Xcode?

    I would be happy in the extreme for any advice.. please be gentle - I'm a fresh newbie..

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    Start here, there are plenty of resources online for the budding coder, also, check out if your local Apple store is holding any seminars

    Free Xcode eBook for beginners | Mactoids for Apple Macintosh

    THere are aslo courses on iTunes U
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    Thanks for the feedback.. I'll check this stuff out..

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    Certainly look for more up to date tutorials. If you are willing to invest, buy a book. I bought my brother this: Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK (9781430230243): David Mark, Jack Nutting, Jeff LaMarche: Books

    back in december. He said it was a great help, but there are a few things in it that are out of date already.

    New versions of xcode come out pretty often so you'll run into it quite a bit, just keep chugging away.

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