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    Old iPhone backup on can I access it?
    Scenario: I had an old 3GS iPhone and used iCloud to back it up. Traded that iPhone in for a 4S and used iCloud to back it up as well. When I go into the "Manage Storage" screen I see both backups listed plus the one for my iPad.

    Question, Is there a way to see what is on the old 3GS iCloud backup without restoring it? I am not sure what was on that previously and before I delete it I want to see what is backed up.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance..

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    Not really no. You can only see detail on the device that matches the backup unfortunately.

    You can of course restore the 3gs backup, move anything you want to keep to somewhere safe then restore the 4s backup back. It's a bit of an inelegant solution but it'd work.

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