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bolson51 07-10-2012 06:59 PM

Back to My Mac - iCloud problems
I bought a MacBook Air with the intention of being able to access some of my files from home on my iMac, connected to the internet with a Time Capsule. I logged in both computers with iCloud, and when I'm on the same network, I can use screen sharing and access each computer's shared folders as a guest or logging in with the user name, but when I try to connect with iCloud the dialogue box just shakes at me. If I'm on a different network, my iMac doesn't show up. Apple Support has been no help so far. Any ideas?

chscag 07-10-2012 07:43 PM

If you wish to share files from your iMac at home and your MBA while away from home, you can setup something like DropBox on both machines. DropBox is currently free for 2 GB of storage. Then when at home, place whatever folders or files you wish to share in the DropBox folder and they will be accessible from the Air when away from home.

If you need even more storage, you can use the free SugarSync (5 GB) or the free SkyDrive (7 GB) to do the same thing.

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