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    iBooks aren't being deleted completely
    Hello Mac Forums!

    New here, went over the rules, hope this is in the right section, yada yada yada.

    Recently purchased an iPhone 4S 16G. First smartphone, so maybe I'm just ignorant in the true sense of the word. Anyways...

    I got the iBooks app a while ago, along with 2 iphone new user guides to skim through. They didn't work, so I uninstalled them, and eventually the entire app as well, since I wasn't using it.

    Well, I downloaded the app again to mess around with it, and these two "books" are back, and irremovable. This is what it looks like:

    I can't open both of them either. They seem to be frozen in this "paused" state. It doesn't show up in my iTunes, yet it appears in the app. I tried downloading it through iTunes and syncing it, as well as downloading it through the phone to remove through the app itself, and rebooted it a few times, but nothing worked. Are there any known fixes/suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    easy fix.

    1. Unpause them. Let them re-download.

    2. Now sync your iPhone with iTunes on your desktop computer. Go to the "Book" section and uncheck the two books.

    3. Sync again. They're gone.

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    Thanks for the response!

    Unfortunately it wont unpause. The icon freezes up when I touch them.

    When I exit the app and open it up again, it doesn't say that they are paused; they are just stuck on that empty loading bar. When I touch them, they pause, and they can't seem to be unpaused.

    Is there anything else I can do?

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    So what happens when you sync your iPhone with iTunes and deselect those books as I suggested?

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    Well, it acts very strange.

    When it syncs with iTunes, the books disappear, assuming that iTunes removed them since they're not in my iTunes books list.

    However, when I reboot my iPhone, the Macworld book appears again, in its frozen empty loading bar state, and once I select it, it doesn't allow me to deselect it.

    The book's icon would darken up like it would when I select it, say its paused, then freeze at the darkened state. The picture below is what it looks like before I select the book. The first picture I posted is what it looks like when I select it once.


    I did a few tests, and it seems that the issue of the two books are correlated to each other.

    If I download the Macworld Starter Guide in iTunes and then sync, it installs properly, but then the iPhone User Guide appears in the books list again without even downloading it - and it appears with the frozen empty loading bar and "nondeselectable-once-selected" state. If I download that User Guide again, then both books would work fine until I reboot my iPhone - in which the iPhone User Guide would be broken again. This is of course with both books loaded in my iTunes. Very strange.

    Any other suggestions? Thanks again.

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