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    Email checking/organization
    I get a lot of email and want/need to be able to access it throughout the day. The problem is that every time one comes in, my screen comes back on to display the email, which means my battery life sucks. If I could divert all newsletters (and similar emails) to a folder and only check that when needed, that would help. Or if I could have one email address that only gets checked manually, that would help too (obviously not possible). I need to have my business email get checked more frequently, so changing the frequency of checking doesn't seem to be a solution either. Any ideas for helping with this? I know I could turn notification off, but I like knowing an email has come in when I'm doing other things on my phone.

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    Jun 10, 2012
    Have you tried Sparrow?

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    Jan 16, 2011
    Yes and i like it but dont like that you can't file messages into folders. I like being able to clear my inbox so i dont lose track of important messages. I also want push. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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