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    iPhone-Contacts-Syncing-Backing Up
    Not too long ago, I went through my address book and updated/deleted/added new items. I did this directly in iCloud on the web, which allowed me to get iPhone & iMac all synced correctly. I sync my iPhone with iTunes via WiFi, so all those boxes for contacts, iCal, etc are grayed out. I downloaded a new app while in iTunes and decided to manually sync with iPhone. Today I look at my contacts on my iPhone and find that the changes I had made were no longer there, plus the address book on iMac was also not as it was after updating. While searching for an answer, I ran across the tidbit that since I manually synced with iTunes, my OLD contacts were synced to iPhone and so they in turn were synced to iCloud and thus my iMac. The backup for my iPhone is kept on my iMac. Questions: how can contacts from iTunes be copied back to iPhone if the check box is grayed and should I continue to backup to iMac or move to iCloud?

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    iphone contacts synching
    In ITunes, go to the Info tab; select the Sync Contacts box, which should permit you to sync contacts with ITunes. At the bottom of the screen go to replace information on this IPhone and select contacts; when you sync with ITunes, the contacts on your MAC should appear on your IPhone; once that is done go back to ICloud and cause the sync to occur via ICloud. Given the choice for backups, ICloud is better; if your machine ever crashes, you cannot access the backups on that machine; in ICloud you can access whatever

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    I would directly back up to the iCloud so that you ensure there are no surprise changes in your iPhone contact data. Have you considered other non-Apple ways of backing up iPhone contacts to sort of safe-guard them in an offline state? Look here for example:
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