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    Downloading powerpoints onto iPad from the web
    The title pretty much says it all. I'm a first year medical student and most of my professors post their notes online as powerpoints for us to download. I recently purchased Documents to go so that I could take notes on their powerpoints during lecture. The only problem is I can't download the powerpoints from Safari, it just opens them up in a new window. I know how to put their lecture notes on my iPad from my computer, through cloud services, or through iTunes, but a lot of my professors post notes right before class and I don't have the chance to put them on my iPad. Does anyone know of an app that would allow me to download powerpoints from the web and then transfer them to Documents to go for editing? I would greatly appreciate any help as I have already spent an entire day trying to find a solution.

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    This may not be a very elegant way but it works for me:

    Download and install the free Dropbox application both on your Mac and the iPad. The free version gives you 2 GB of storage. Afterward, download the Powerpoint documents using Safari or whatever browser you choose to your Mac. Drag the Powerpoint documents you downloaded to your Dropbox folder on the Mac. They will then be available to your iPad from the Dropbox folder on your iPad.

    From there you can edit, save, with whatever iOS application you have that is compatible with MS Powerpoint. I personally use QuickOffice Pro or OfficeHD.

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